ACCESS Education Foundation headquarters is located at:

                                   3501 Holiday Dr

                                        Suite 311

                             New Orleans, LA  70114

                   Phone: (504) 309-2594   Fax: (504) 309-2595

To obtain more information about our programs or to volunteer

with us, contact our Constituent Services department by email at or call (504) 309-2594  

To speak to a person about making a donation to AEF, please call (504) 390-9476 or email  You may mail your donation to P. O. Box   New Orleans, LA 70114.  Or donate onlinehere.

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Our Vision

Our vision is 4-fold. We first seek to increase literacy rates of children from birth to twelfth grade as well as uplift poverty-stricken communities, by focusing on increasing graduation rates—especially of teen parents.  Secondly, we seek to foster an entrepreneur spirit through our economic empowerment programs in an effort to generate positive contributing members in our society.  Thirdly, we seek to foster community empowerment by providing hunger relief campaigns as well as a safe haven for those in need of housing (veterans, mentally disabled, etc).  Lastly, we seek to promote healthy lifestyles through our health fairs as well as our exhibits stressing the relationship between health, education, and economics.  We will be known everywhere for our unshakable commitment to the well-being and dignity of the people we serve.

About AEF

Our Mission

ACCESS Education Foundation, Inc. wishes to endorse the importance of educational advancement & enhancement, youth leadership & athletics, healthy lifestyles & hunger relief, and community & economic empowerment for all.  We facilitate lasting change by disseminating knowledge in these areas to the community—particularly but not limited to girls, teen mothers, and women—through our tutoring program, mentoring program, education information sessions and other activities to uplift youths and women; our Home and Community Based housing services and entrepreneurship training; as well as our health fairs, feed the homeless events and breast cancer & HIV awareness campaigns.  Further we believe education, lifestyles, and community are closely related to a person’s well-being.  Therefore, our overarching mission is to provide exhibitions stressing the relationship between health, education, and economics.  Guided by the aspirations of our government and local communities, we pursue our mission with both excellence and compassion because the people whom we serve deserve nothing less.

To contribute a donation or volunteer your time to our efforts, please contact our Director Angelique Alexander at (504) 390-9476 or Or you may make a donation online by clicking here.

Who We Are

ACCESS Education Foundation is a non-profit organization

geared toward sustaining our local community through

promotion of our programs.  Our four main divisions are 

1-educational advancement & enhancement; 2-youth

leadership & athletics; 3-healthy lifestyles, hunger relief, &

humanitarian efforts; and 4-community empowerment &

economic development.  In each division we operate several

programs with specific activities to further our purpose. 

Some of the activities operated under these programs are as

follows: Educational advancement & enhancement (tutoring

and scholarship);  Youth leadership and athletics (sports camp and mentoring); Healthy lifestyles, hunger relief, & humanitarian (health screenings, feed the homeless, and adopt a family); and Community & economic empowerment (Business preparation, college prep, dress for success and entrepreneur seminars).  To meet our team click HERE.