Healthy Lifestyles & Hunger Relief Division

This division of AEF strives to disseminate philantropic and humanitarian efforts through our ACCESS Healthy Living, ACCESS Kind-Heart, and ACCESS Uplift programs.  Our healthy living program strives to promote healthy lifestyles by offering healthfairs, breast cancer & HIV awareness campaigns and seminars to enhance the quality of life for our community. We thrive on the phrase “knowledge is power” and we are pleased to do our small part.  We further our purpose in this division by fostering stewardship to needy families with our Adopt-a-family activity and our annual Easter and Thanksgiving feed the homeless events.

Educational Advancement & Enhancement Division

This division of AEF focuses on increasing literacy rates for children from birth through 12th grade.  This division further strives to advance educational attainment through offering transition services to special education children, scholarships, and tutoring services.  Lastly, this is the division of AEF under which the organization’s career development institution is operated.  We strive to raise graduation rates of high risk teens (teenage parents, striving readers, poverty stricken, etc) through offerance of fast track curriculum coupled with the attainment of a career/trade certification or college course credit to boost their career track.


   Care &


        Ensuring a



     Education Foundation

Economic Development & Empowerment Division

This division of AEF focuses on supporting our local economy and community.  We support our economy through our educational seminars and events with emphasis in areas such as business preparation, college prep, dress for success events, and entrepreneurship.  We further our purpose in this division by supporting our community by providing housing for homeless veterans and individuals with mental and developmental disabilities.

AEF Divisions & Programs

Youth Leadership & Athletics Division

This division of AEF focuses on youth development by providing positive role models through our mentoring program and an avenue to hone in on athletic skills through our summer sports camps.